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BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE initiatives have revolutionized the finance, digital transactions and virtual reality. They have introduced decentralized systems, smart contracts, digital currencies and virtual reality. However, with new opportunities come new risks, and BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE investments are no exception. As with any emerging technology, there is always an element of uncertainty and risk, such as the possibility of hacking, cyberattacks, regulatory challenges, and market volatility.

Insurance is essential for mitigating risks and providing protection. This guide will review the concept of BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE and insurance. It will also emphasize the advantages of using Our Coin, a new crypto coin/token, for this purpose. Till now investors and market offering leaders all are prone to these risks.

Prominent Features of Our Coin

  • Coin / Token, created by us, has the sole purpose of providing insurance coverage for BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE. Our Coin / Token automated claims procedure is based on smart contract technology.
  • Currently the Coin / Token, is based on BSC chain but it has the inoperability feature which users can use once we will launch our own blockchain, to migrate to our blockchain.
  • The decentralized and secure nature of our Coin / Token is an additional feature of great importance. Our Coin / Token is based on blockchain technology and is highly secure and decentralized. This makes it less susceptible to breaches and cyber-attacks, a significant concern for blockchain/Web3 investors and project proprietors.
  • With Our Coin, you can trust that not only your insurance coverage is secure and protected but your investment and risk in BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD is secure and protected.
  • One of the distinctive features of Our Coin is that it enables investors and project proprietors to tailor their insurance coverage to their particular requirements. It allows them to choose the hazards they wish to cover and the level of protection they require. This adaptability enables investors and project proprietors to tailor their insurance coverage to their particular requirements and preferences, ensuring they are adequately protected.
  • First Coin / Token to give insurance to Institutions/Business to safeguard them in adverse situations.


The recent decline of the FTX token has brought to light the dangers of cryptocurrency investment. In the hopes of making a substantial return, many people have put their hard-earned money into such coins, only to watch their investment disappear in days. Many put all of their funds into Doge coin to use it to purchase a house, but when the coin crashed, they lost everything. Our Coin provides investor protection with an end-to-end insurance solution. It will improve the Coin / Token usage and acceptance among investors.

“The metaverse and web3 may still be evolving, but there’s little question that they will make lasting changes in how we work, play and interact. For business, we see four big opportunity areas: employee experience, customer experience, process improvement and new products and services. There’s considerable innovation already happening in each one. But, as is often the case, cybersecurity and anti-fraud approaches and technology haven’t kept pace with the metaverse’s rapid growth and development.

This emerging space presents new openings for bad actors to exploit inexperienced and unaccustomed newcomers for monetary gain through targeted cyber-attacks such as phishing and social engineering scams. In addition to direct financial losses, there are obvious reputational risks to brands and creators (in addition to harm to consumers, though this document focuses on the business and enterprise perspective). And depending on their materiality and frequency, attacks could also bring unwanted scrutiny or lawsuits from consumers, consumer protection groups, investigative agencies and regulators.

A metaverse that can’t be trusted could also stall progress. In our 2022 Metaverse Survey of more than 1,000 executives and 5,000 consumers, both groups said that cybersecurity and privacy were the top concerns holding them back from adoption. The metaverse could allow existing cybercrime to flare up and create new kinds of cybercrime.”


NFT investment by people, investment in metaverse by people their money invested is lost because of uncertainties and scams and then our client offering is the solution to all such problems.

Because Web3 is so new — and because the very concept of it rejects centralized control or management — right now, there’s very little in the way of consumer protection. None, basically. Web 3 fans argue that you don’t need government agencies or megaplatforms protecting you and your assets because their system of linked computers creates a “trustless” economy. Since every transaction is recorded in public and verified by the blockchain, you’re not supposed to need the oversight of Big Government or Big Companies. In reality, Web3 has plenty of ineptitude, costly bugs, and outright scams, like intriguing projects that disappear as soon as the organizers collect your money. Or in crypto terms: You’ve been “rugged,” as in, you’ve had the rug pulled out from under you.

As a Coin / Token, our Coin / Token can mitigate the risks related to investing and negative situations in BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD by offering customizable insurance solutions that safeguard against unanticipated events such as the FTX decline or the Doge coin collapse. We will insure the metaverse investments to safeguard the money of investors.

First Coin / Token to give insurance to Institutions/Business to safeguard them in adverse situations.

Our Token / Coin, investors can obtain insurance coverage tailored to the specific risks associated with their investments. This coverage could include protection against losses from cyberattacks or other security vulnerabilities and against losses resulting from market volatility or other external factors.

Engaging in BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD entails risks, and insurance is required to secure against unanticipated occurrences. As a safety net for investors, Token / Coin by us provides insurance that can be tailored to the particular risks associated with these technologies. We are the UNIVERSE 1ST premier provider of end-to-end insurance solutions for BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD, making us the ideal partner for acquiring insurance coverage via our Token / Coin, platform.

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